The 6 Best Wedding Cake Styles for Your Wedding Day

By: M Catering & Fine Foods

Gone are the days when the reception styling is the only focus of attention at the wedding venues as the cakes have made their way into the spotlight. Stylish cakes have been a trend for the past few years and they’ve definitely become a part of the wedding highlights.

Wedding cakes come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures (and taste, of course!) which makes it easy for the celebrating couple to create their dream cake. Each wedding cake style has its own fashion that is perfect for different wedding themes.

To help you decide which cake style is the one for your momentous event, we’ve gathered the 6 best wedding cake ideas for your celebration that will surely leave your guests astonished!

6 Best Wedding Cake Styles

Minimalist Wedding Cakes

True to the saying “Less is more”, minimalist wedding cakes define classic and timeless. Even having just fewer details, never underestimate its ability to capture your guests’ amazement.

A plain smooth white vanilla cake embellished with the right amount of eye-catching ornaments (usually fruits, flowers, cake toppers, etc.) can add excitement to your special event. If you’re looking for a versatile wedding cake, a minimally designed wedding cake is a perfect choice.

Textured Wedding Cakes

This wedding cake style is quite similar to minimalist cakes, but they’re richer when it comes to texture. Different patterns are added to the cake as a texture that takes the classic white wedding cake to the next level.

These patterns are usually made with either fondant or buttercream frosting (Pro tip: go with fondant if you’re having an outdoor venue as this is meltproof).

These patterns complement other decorations arranged on the cake. You can also incorporate your wedding color so this delectable delight blends well with your wedding theme.

You can choose edible ornaments like beads and gold leaves among many other options to further elevate your take on this classic cake style. The textures can be subtle or obvious, but one thing for sure is: it makes any cake elegant and delicate.

This wedding cake style complements traditional and formal wedding themes.

Themed Wedding Cakes

If you want to share a story through your wedding cake and don’t mind shying away from the traditional designs, going for a themed cake can do wonders for your special day.

Wedding cakes don’t necessarily have to be too formal or even related to your wedding theme–as long as it’s what your heart desires. Incorporating personal touches to the cake makes it more meaningful and memorable.

You can include cake toppers that relate to you on a personal level–it may be a place where you two met, a figurine version of you as your favorite movie characters, etc., and the list of your options goes on!

Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

Cakes are work-of-art on their own, but if you want to make a splashing statement on your wedding reception, consider having hand-painted cakes on your wedding day. This wedding cake idea without a doubt strikes a dash of uniqueness to the cake-cutting ceremony.

What makes this style remarkable are the different brushstrokes and colors applied, just like how an artist handpaints a beautiful artwork. You can have your wedding cake painted with florals, abstract, marble, ombre, or any design concept you have in mind!

Modern couples usually go for watercolor & impasto painting techniques to have their wedding cake designed. Decorative and edible ornaments are placed as an accent for an extra wow factor.

If you’re having a whimsical or romantic wedding theme, get yourself a hand-painted wedding cake to complete the whole ambiance

Geometric Wedding Cakes

Geometric designs aren’t only perfectly applicable to other wedding decors but to the main piece of the dessert table, too!

This design makes any wedding cake have a luxurious feel, and this can be easily achieved without shedding extra cash. Geometric wedding cakes usually have gold ornaments that give a fancy vibe.

Undeniably, this wedding cake idea is perfect for a modern & glamorous themed wedding. Did we also mention that this is effortlessly suitable for any other wedding style?

Naked Wedding Cakes

This wedding cake trend is loved by many couples and that is because of its simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Naked cakes are simply cakes without having full frostings on their exteriors. Because this cake isn’t completely covered with cream, it can last longer for hours without having to lose its beauty.

Highlighting the cake’s interior and filling is one of the strong points of this wedding cake style, so consider going for a fruity-flavored marble cake to fully emphasize this sweet delight.

It is also decorated with fruits, leaves, and flowers for a fresh feast for your eyes and taste. This style of cake goes well with rustic, industrial, or any laid-back themed wedding.

If you have decided which wedding cake style is perfectly fitted for your special occasion, make sure to communicate your ideas with your baker or catering team. Working with them fulfills your wedding cake concept that will truly complement your decor.

Which wedding cake style caught your attention the most? Let us know what wedding cake idea you’re going for on your wedding day!

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